BETH'S BIRTHDAY w/ Something to Do, Not Dead Yet, Schmoolio

BETH'S BIRTHDAY w/ Something to Do, Not Dead Yet, Schmoolio

Not Dead Yet, Schmoolio

Sat. June 23, 2018

10:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door.

Something To Do
Something To Do
We're a long-lasting, great smelling ska/rock band from Wisconsin.
Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet
First conceptualized in 2013, Chris Weber and Joe Reedy started working out a few songs Weber had been writing since the disbanding of his old band Egan's Rats. Both had been on a several year hiatus from playing music and were itching to get back into the scene.

Soon after Chris Kasper decided that he could lower his musical standards enough to be in a punk band (although he makes sure to tell everyone he quits at least 5 times a day as to keep up appearances).

Now the three of them needed a front-man and lyricist. The plan was coming together in their alcohol soaked brains. That's when they decided to take a shot in the dark and contact Chandon about the project...

Never expecting him to agree to become a part of the shit show that would later become Not Dead Yet, Kasper was elected to be the point man on convincing him to join. To the shock of everyone he agreed. Already in 2 other great local bands, EME and 4 Aspirin Morning, the three were ecstatic to have a 4th drinking buddy to play music with.

The rest is (recent) history.

Influences: Social Distortion, Face to Face, NOFX, D.I., Bad Religion, Rise Against, Rikk Agnew, Rancid, Descendents, Adolescents, Choking Victim, Broken Bones, Sick of it All
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703