The Begowatts

The Begowatts

Nester, Rocket Bureau, Bronson Wisconsin

Sat. May 26, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door.

The Begowatts
The Begowatts
In the beginning, before man, before animals, before our world had the oxygen to sustain aerobic life, before the trees that made the oxygen, before the soil that allowed those trees to grow, before the cometary bombardment that seeded the planet with water, the Earth was made of Rock. Our planet has changed much since those early days, but the foundation of Rock still remains; a yearning for the primeval felt by every being that knows the ecstasy of life and finality of death. For the entirety of recorded history there have been those that channel this awesome power, and time has chosen The Begowatts to continue this ancient tradition...

The Begowatts began as an extremely clever way to piss off their first landlord and have since become one of Madison's premier rock & roll shows. What began as a rag-tag collection of very handsome men (and one drummer) just banging out a few covers to entertain friends has become, through sacrifice and hardship, a full-fledged, bowel-quivering rock & roll band. For the past year The Begowatts have enjoyed continuing success as the house band at the world famous Bike Shop, while still finding time to play the occasional show at Madison's hottest venues. Even more recently the band has teamed up with renowned producer Phil G. in an attempt to capture the power, the sadness, the joy, the legend; The Begowatts. The world waits with bated breath to see what The Begowatts will do next.

We are proud to claim a strong influence from bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Black Keys, Blue Oyster Cult, Talking Heads, and many more. This influence shows clearly in our growing catalog of original tunes. If you're interested in the kind of music we play swing on over to the music page to check out our latest recordings. Even better: come to one of our shows! We promise you won't be disappointed.
Nester is a Madison based modern experimental rock band that originated in 2008. Influenced by a wide variety of music, from The Talking Heads to Radiohead, Nester incorporates many imaginative synth lines, cryptic lyrics, exhilarating guitar riffs, driving bass lines and stimulating drum beats that come together to create an original, beautifully rocking repertoire. Live, this five member band aims to please, traveling from serenity to explosiveness and leaves their audience sneakily inspired. Nester independently released their second studio album, Rainbow Dark, in 2015.
Rocket Bureau
Bronson Wisconsin
Bronson Wisconsin
Bronson Wisconsin is a tasteful collaboration of Alt-Country, Indie-Rock, and everything in between. Growing up as one of 9 kids in a musically diverse home, brothers Bronson and Preston was exposed to all the music they could handle and more than enough instruments needed to express themselves. Spending the long, cold Wisconsin winters the same way they spent the hot and beautiful summers, practicing their craft.

After achieving success as the globally recognized latin duo, Taalbi Brothers, Bronson went on expressing a different side of himself as a singer and as a songwriter. What started out as a "one day one song" demoing session, quickly turned into "3 days, 6 songs" and before they realized it, the brothers had themselves their first EP as Bronson Wisconsin.

"That Damn Piano" is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 10th in Bronson Wisconsin's hometown of Madison, WI.

"In the vein of Alt-Country / Americana but definitely with some bite and some grit to it. Very earnest with a "salt of the earth" quality to it, it doesn't hold back, and is very successful at steering clear of the overtly clean and faux americana that has taken over the 'dad-rock' radio market." -Kyle Kohler, Stage Banter (Podcast)
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703