The Lillingtons

The Lillingtons

The Gusto, The Moguls, MakeWar

Thu. April 19, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 18 and over

$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door.

The Lillingtons
The Lillingtons
Old School Pop Punk / Ramonescore band from USA.
The Gusto
The Gusto
The Gusto is a dangerous four-headed beast. Its roar is a harmonious orgy of pain and shredding, much to the delight of its young, drug addicted fan-base. But it was not always this way. The Gusto was once four young lads, leading totally separate lives in scenic Wisconsin. As children, they had all in their own way come to the realization that they were too cool to be cops, too stupid to be doctors and too sexy to be lawyers. This left only one viable career option: a hard rocking melodic punk band. Through a series of events too magical and mysterious to ever be retold, they met and fell in love with each other. Now they live as one, spreading rock so liberally as to give onlookers cause to liken it to butter. Should the Gusto grace your ear-space, buckle up and prepare for some gnarly shit.
The Moguls
The Moguls
We used to be pretty bad, got really drunk, and didn't have fun. People liked us anyways. We got way better, and started playing songs right, and having way more fun. More people started to like us, and even started singing along to songs.

This band exists solely for the purpose of fun - not for you, for us. (And boy, do we know how to have fun.) It's pretty rad that people are into what we do, and we're super thankful for that! We like that all the dudes, and lady-dudes that come hang out at shows to drink, mosh and party with us while singing along! It makes us all sex-nuts inside.

We've put out two EP's and a single this year already, and we'd love for everyone to give us all their money, so we can quit our crappy day-jobs, and be "successful". So kindly give us your money, and Kyle will write a song about how you're awesome. Seriously. (Or at least how you're not a total piece of shit. He's done that already, it's boring.)
MakeWar is about a fight.

A fight against ignorance. And laziness.
A fight against your inner demons.
A fight to stay conscious. So you can have one more drink with your friends.
A fight to do what you want instead of what you’re suppose to.
A fight that isn’t violent. Or full of hate.

This fight is about knocking down what’s holding you back.
That’s why MakeWar sounds like letting go.

It’s fighting depression by embracing aggression.
And embracing everyone around you who’s doing that too.

MakeWar is Jose, Greg and Edwin. Welcome to our fight.
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703