Dead Harvest

Dead Harvest

White Bush Unicorn, Clean Room

Sat. December 9, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door.

Dead Harvest
Dead Harvest
With their pensive energy and thought-provoking indie/alt-rock songs, Dead Harvest is a three-piece
band based out of Chicago, Illinois, that is entirely focused on creating songs that will stand the test of
time and filling in the gap that currently exists in music with material that truly matters. Their debut EP,
called Wasted Love, was released in December 2017, officially marking the start of their music career.
Dead Harvest is determined & ready to make their mark and establish themselves as a reliable source of
entertainment in music that provides a real & relatable vibe that envelops listeners in the atmosphere.
Creating memorable hooks in the musicianship and unforgettable imagery in their lyrics, the sounds &
songs of Dead Harvest are sure to stick with you and resonate deep inside the very core of your being.
Dead Harvest is: Jon (Vocals, Bass), Gerard (Guitar) and Drew (Drums). They have harnessed their
potential and explored the furthest reaches of their sound to create all-new ideas that possess an
insightful mix between the raw & the real and leave a lasting impression & impact on all who listen.
White Bush Unicorn
White Bush Unicorn
Once upon a time a couple of Unicorns worked at a fast food joint together. They were bonded by their silly-freakness and shared creative mysticism. Soon they moved to a neighborhood that had a surplus of silly little creative freaks, and started working in a dusty thrift store. It was there that they met other mystics, and everyone was happy and creative and aesthetically pleasing and the Lord rested.


While the Lord naps, we're working on our debut full length album, "Some Pretty Songs Average" as we begin to morph into a fantastically glistening 5 piece live band. We're painting and drawing and mod podging and writing and dancing and making love and smiling a lot too, so keep an eye out! ♥ ♥ ♥
Clean Room
Clean Room
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703