Cold Black River, 20 Watt Tombstone, Assatta

Cold Black River

20 Watt Tombstone


Sat. July 29, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door

Cold Black River
Cold Black River
Fresh from the release of their latest recordings "Shotgun" and "Voices", available for free download on their website, CBR have been working the region. "Pushing the sound is important. You've got to let people know you're out there, you're excited about performing, and you want to do your best to give them a great show." said CBR's lead vocalist and bassist in a recent interview.

Cold Black River was formed in 2013 by former sons of Helliphant ( Jeremy Roseland (guitar/vocals) and Eric Cobb (bass/lead vocals). After penning tunes for several months and collaborating with a shortlist of talented drummers, CBR finally settled on southern Wisconsin native Aaron Kanitz to complete the powerful three piece.

Boasting influences from Alice in Chains and Kyuss to Sabbath and Tom Waits, this trio know how to command the stage. "Nothing sounds better than when you've finish a song and some guy in the back yells "F**k Yeah!" above everyone else. Then you know you've done your job." Eric recalls.
CBR submerge the audience in a mix of heavy riffs, well crafted hooks and dynamic vocals. From the fast paced rocker "Shotgun" to the blues influenced super heavy waltz (did I just say super heavy waltz?) of "Voices", CBR don't mind culling sounds from all over the sonic map.

Cold Black River will soon be releasing a music video, shot from the perspective of their instruments, for "Shotgun" along with two more songs for free download titled "Old West Undertaker" and "Hollow Man" all direct from their website
20 Watt Tombstone
20 Watt Tombstone
Trash blues duo from Wausau, Wisconsin, formed in 2007.
Their first release 'Wisco Disco' came out under two names: 'The Goddamns' for the vinyl and '20 Watt Tombstone' for the CD.
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