Hippy Hideout feat Sweet Delta Dawn

WIJAM Presents

Hippy Hideout feat Sweet Delta Dawn

Flowpoetry, The Earthlings, John Schinke, Nebulous The Poet, Dr Beatz, The Workshy

Mon. March 6, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

+$3 Under 21 surcharge collected at the door (waived with valid student ID)

Sweet Delta Dawn
Sweet Delta Dawn
A group of eccentric individuals working together to find enlightenment through music. pooling inspiration from classic rock, blues, psychedelic, soul, blue grass and many other styles.
The Sweet Delta Dawn is a jam band based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Heavily inspired by bands like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Phish, they bring a few extra smiles everywhere they go. Their music is a blendification of psychedelic, jam, rock, and specially chosen cover tunes. The Sweet Delta Dawn is: Tyler Willenbrink, Jeff Clarke, Jay Vollberg and friends. They have been playing together for approximately 4 years. You will LOVE the Sweet Delta Dawn.
FlowPoetry ~Paving the way for a new approach to spoken word jam, FlowPoetry transcends musical boundaries and interlaces shared storytelling and poetic vibration into a communal and collective consciousness that unifies the ancient and future as one.


"FlowPoetry's verses find the right rhythm and pitch for every approach (and) he reads them with an ease that lets the music sing. … makes the relationship between words and music feel new again. Carves out a tribal, ambient, dreamy vibe.... " The Isthmus (Madison, WI)

"Courageous and organically fused…similar to that of Rage Against The Machine at times, honest and holds the mood of a Shaman performing cleansing rituals." Local Playlist (Milwaukee, WI)

"FlowPoetry is one of the most unique and riveting performers on the Midwestern musical and artistic landscape. On the cutting edge of the nationwide expansion of new forms of spoken word.... unique, theatrical and musical." DeKalb Chronicle (DeKalb, IL)

"...very chill yet gripping. On a mission to bridge the gap between poetry and music and does so.... ...some hip jive, Cat Daddy." Gapers Block Presents: Transmission (Chicago, IL)

"Leaving space for stories to unwind, but without forgetting the primal urge to move feet."
- Leicester Bangs (United Kingdom)
The Earthlings
The Earthlings
Born in a Madison, Wisconsin basement in the early winter of 2010, the collective began as a group of friends expressing themselves through musical experimentation.

Within a year, it expanded from one recording of a few people to an album of sixteen musical collages called Earth, featuring contributions of a dozen musicia
ns and a core group of six members: Elliott & Noah Gilfillan, Luke Peters, Logan Grahn, Chucky Brown, & John Anderson. The formation of the group reflects their sound: malleable, multi-polar, and evolutionary. With a base rooted in groove and dynamism, the music transverses the genres of the 50's to the present era, slicing from every good aspect of 90's rock with folk swing and neo-reggae-tronic elements.

As 2011 passed into 2012, the band progressed into a more defined and engaged entity - performing for Madison and Milwaukee audiences meeting like-minded groups such as Venice Gas House Trolley and Wook. The Earthlings were affirmed of their funk when they recently scored a spot at Summerfest 2013 by winning Milwaukee's River Rhythms Battle of the Bands.
With the various instrumentation & vocal harmonies soothing the air, the lead-sharing effect creates an immersive architecture that stands the hairs on end.

As positive vibrations spill forth, people become filled with the spirit of shared luminous consciousness and leave the experience with an impression that carries the excitement on into their lives forever.
Nebulous The Poet
Nebulous The Poet
I helped found Black Sheep Poetry and host monthly spoken word events at Mid West Music Store. I've been writing since 2010 and performing since 2012. The stage is my haven and the word is my weapon. I like to think my style revolves around twisting words out of breath to make sense of the world around me, and I focus on stringing sentences together to evoke a mellifluous, rhythmic sound.

My goal is to build on the momentum I garnered in 2016 and expand on my performance experience. To date I have performed at Artspire in La Crosse, WI, Mid West Music Fest’s Sounds Like School in Winona, MN, and the Winona Poet Laureate series. I've volunteered for Teen Voices (a project in Winona focused on teaching poetry to middle school and high school students), hosted various area-music events, and have poems published in Satori Magazine and “Soundings” (the final project from Teen Voices).

I am currently working on an audio project and finishing my first chapbook “What Happened Then and What Has Become."

Prior to diving into the world of performance poetry and writing, I grew up in Burnsville, MN and graduated from Burnsville Senior High School in 2012. In the spring of 2007 I lost his mother after a four-year battle with colon cancer, which drastically changed my life and perspective of the world. A few years later I wrote my first poem after getting inspiration from a Lupe Fiasco song and haven't looked back. I currently attend Winona State University with plans to graduate in the spring of 2017 with undergraduate degrees in Journalism and English Writing.
Dr Beatz
Dr Beatz
An ever-evolving master of the percussive arts, Dr Beatz provides the best in massive, sequential rhythmic onslaughts. A graduate of Beat U in Metronomics, Dr Beats specializes in, Flams, Para-Diddles, 3/2 son clave, Upbeats, and never playing on the 1. When taking time off of drums, Dr Beatz enjoys playing drums. Dr. Beatz hails from a background of Drum Corps and Brazilian Samba Schools as well as speed metal and New Orleans Brass Band Traditions. Dr Beatz produces Chill-Step, Prog. House and World Grooves alongside real time video and light sequencing, for the creation of new realms of personal enjoyment. In his free time Dr Beatz enjoys climbing on rocks, doing handstands, and planning for impending Armageddon. His influences include, The Mars Volta, Shpongle, John Cage, Pretty Lights, Eoto and Led Zeppelin to name a few. Also anything that has ever made noise “EVER”.
Dr Beatz hopes to one day live on a tropical island, surrounded by beautiful ladies and synthesizers. Oh and Drums, lots of Drums.
The Workshy
The Workshy
The Workshy, is an eclectic six-piece funk group based out of the Denver area, that provides an incredibly energetic live show by pulling influences from jazz, blues, funk and more to create an infectious blend of music. With members from L.A, Washington, New York, Iowa, and South Korea; The Workshy is able to create a sound that is unique as their roots. The Workshy's constantly evolving sound is stronger than ever allowing them to open for such acts as Jazz is Dead, Euforquestra, Great American Taxi, Fruition, Radio Moscow, The Word and Juno What?! Playing such festivals as Wakarusa, Camp Euphoria, The Bella Festival Series, and 80/35, The Workshy is captivating crowds and building a strong following around the national music scene. As Mary Buck of the Des Moines Music Coalition put it "Don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling unwittingly. It just sounds fun."
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703