Mark Sultan

Majestic Live Presents

Mark Sultan

Midwest Beat, Tinkerbelles

Thu. August 4, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10 ADV // $12 DOS


This event is 18 and over


Due to vocal issues, we regret to inform you that Mark Sultan/BBQ has been forced to cancel his show at The Frequency tonight, Thursday, August 4th. All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.

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Mark Sultan
Mark Sultan
Here's what those in the know are saying about Mark Sultan!!

"The best voice in rock'n'roll. Period."

"There are no gimmicks, and his heart is on the line. This really is art and it may be respectable, but it's got the sexual primitivism of rock'n'roll of old without sacrificing heart, earworms or intensity. Not only does he sound like a whole band, but his disregard for conventional time signatures, uniformity and concert structure, makes the show all the more special, as does his disembodied and soulful vocals. An absolute must." – We Crime, Belgium

"…a criminally underappreciated garage rock cult hero who puts on a one-man-band live show so sincerely passionate that he makes most primitive rock 'n' roll revivalists look like cynical imposters …anyone who believes in him needs to pick up this one-take improvised stream-of-consciousness limited-edition live album …deranged but brilliant" – NOW Toronto

"Mark Sultan has been a garage rock stalwart since the later part of the 1990s and seems to get better and better with every album he puts out, either with a band or under one of his solo monikers." – Flavorpill

"…wildly prolific…what differentiates his stuff is his genuine sense of tune-craft…." LA Weekly

"If there's a Patient Zero in garage rock's recent shift from emulating the troglodytic stomp of teenage Stones wannabes in 1965 to embracing the Golden Oldies pop and doo-wop of the years just before Beatlemania, it's probably Mark "BBQ" Sultan, who releases albums of catchy, clever garage-pop more frequently than most people buy shoes."

– Chicago Reader

Mark Sultan has a new album coming out on LA's infamous In The Red records, early fall 2015. He is going by his original monicker 'BBQ' on this album, one he hadn't used on a solo album since Bomp! Records' 'Tie Your Noose' in 2005.

"I kinda left the 'BBQ' name behind for my solo stuff after that album, as I wanted to do recordings with overdubs, so I just figured it was disingenuous to use the name associated with off-the-floor type, one-man-band live recordings. I only used the 'BBQ' name in the context of my other band ('The King Khan & BBQ Show') after that (and since), and soldiered on solo as 'Mark Sultan'."

Mark possesses a singing voice which is widely considered by those in the know to be one of the absolute best in the indie community. Mark has THE VOICE. But he's also a great rock'n'roll songwriter, and absolutely unafraid to explore stylistically, unafraid to push limits. While he's overlooked, sometimes (even within his own bands), his talent and prolific nature is impressive. He's also considered to be one of the world's greatest one-man-bands, a pigeon-hole he was never comfortable with:

"Ah, the 'one-man band'… Yes, I am one. Sure. But I honestly do think the term has been sullied by the recent glut of monotone oompah, costumed shit that has flooded the 'garage scene'. There's some great guys, but lots of stuff I just don't enjoy. I like to focus on good songs. I am a student of music, in that I have spent my whole life consuming and revering the stuff I enjoy. Mostly rock'n'roll and its variants, but a lot of other stuff, too. If I enjoy it, I research and adapt it, love it and live it. When I play, I also focus on melody and singing, because those are my strong points, but also because I really do enjoy that stuff in some of the music I love to listen to. I am a drummer, first and foremost, and honestly, a crummy guitarist. I just want to sound like a whole band playing good, timeless music that I myself would listen to. And I think I do."

Is the renewal of the BBQ personage a step backwards?

"I think people tend to forget or just not know that the 'doo-wop' aesthetic in 'The King Khan & BBQ Show', for example, is MY aesthetic. It's something I was recording and releasing as 'BBQ' before the band existed, like in 2001, onwards. So, no. I mean, ya, unfortunately my contributions to 'garage rock' have really been overlooked in favor of image, even within my own band. I don't think people realize I wrote and and sing on more than half of those KKBBQ tracks! But I can only hope people dig a bit, in the future. I wanted to come back as 'BBQ', on my own, because I had been touring as a one-man band for a long time, ironically enough, billed as 'Mark Sultan', due to my LPs of the same name. So I became disingenuous by trying to be real!"

The new album was recorded in Sultan's Berlin home, also where the last King Khan & BBQ album was done, but he thinks this album sounds better:

"My album was done with a bit more knowledge. When Khan and I did 'Bad News Boys', I had just set up the 4 track, and we had like 2 mics or something… It was quick and very drunk. On my new album, I wanted to record live, off-the-floor in one-man mode, but record everything loud and clear. I wanted to keep everything very simple, down to the basic love/loss lyrics. There is a lot of air in the recording. I would LOVE if people added their own basslines and back-up vocals, guitar solos… whatever, and sent the new track back!"

Is it still the R&B/doo-wop-based rock'n'roll he started?

"There's a bit of that on there, but I had just given up a lot of that (songs like 'Alone Again' and 'Buy Bhai Bye') to the King Khan & BBQ album. For this, I had been getting back into moody garage stuff from the 60s, like minor chord stuff, so I used a lot of those ideas. It (the minor chord) was like a new toy! But ya: VERY simple stuff, very open, basic rock'n'roll. I hope everyone enjoys it."

"I am still BBQ. I am still Mark Sultan. I am still Marco Antonio Pepe. I still wear the same clothes I have worn for 20 years. But I am now at the height of my live powers. I am getting better and better. I hope to take people on a weird personal freakout at my shows, and I seriously try to conjure ghosts. It's cathartic and pretty draining, spiritually and physically."

Mark has released music on Bomp!, Sub Pop, In The Red, Crypt, Goner, Fat Possum, Hozac, Norton, Vice, Sympathy, Dirtnap etc etc

He formed bands including The King Khan & BBQ Show, Almighty Defenders, Ding-Dongs, Les Sexareenos, The Spaceshits, etc…

He has toured the world over, from the US to Israel to Russia to Japan to Brazil to New Zealand to Europe, from Carnegie Hall to The Sydney Opera House.

In a perfect world, his songs would be hits
Midwest Beat
Midwest Beat
"Not a pop band in the sense of contemporary pop-punk or power pop, mind you. The Midwest Beat live in a chronologically distant world where precise song structures, jangling guitars and tight vocal harmonies ruled the day. Big Star, The Byrds, The Kinks and the Zombies are their regular touchstones, bands whose own careers were at their peak a decade or more before the foursome's members were born."
- The Isthmus
Venue Information:
The Frequency
121 W. Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703